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Painting Seminar  in Italy !

September 15th to Sept 22nd 2006in San Angelo on Ischia.I will be in Italy with a group teaching watercolor painting. We are staying in San Angelo on the island of Ischia in the Bay of Naples near Capri. The surroundings are so inspiring, the people so friendly and the hotel just perfect for a class like this, overlooking the bay and the harbour of San Angelo. Find out more about the workshop and details about the hotel etc: Seminar

Abstraction and Color !!!

  Private classes and seminars can be arranged upon request.
Brigitte, an experienced art teacher with years of experience at the University level, is returning to something she loves to do: passing on the information of art making to others.
Her teaching style focuses on the use of color and composition. Brigitte feels it is important to unlock the creativity and self expression through color and form. This unfolding can happen when we get in touch with our inner emotions as well as being in tune with our environment and our response to it. Seeing and hearing what is around us and translate our experience into color and form by letting it run through the filter of the "inner landscape" is an important part of art making.
Her teaching is very much focused on each individual student, and using a dialogue between the students and her help bring out each individual voice without constraints of technique and demands on "skill". Skill is taught in a way that helps the student understand, from a deeper level, what works and what does not work within an image. We "draw" from nature. To help us see what is in front of us and abstract that image into an emotional response of that experience we see the large forms and shapes rather than detail. This is a fun way to experience nature and often leads to story telling within the image, "What is this About?" is a question often asked and it leads back to that inner landscape making the process a very personal and healing one.
Time can be arranged by individual request in 3 hour sessions once a week for individuals or small groups. Cost is $45 per person per session. Recommended is an arrangement of 4 sessions to cover most important aspects to begin with.
Bring a friend and you will get one session out of the 4 for free.
Weekend intensives can also be arranged Small groups (5) will be able to arrange for intensive weekend seminars. Hours will be Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 4pm with one hour for lunch (bring your own). The cost for this will be $180 per person. (Bring a friend discount is $30).
Location will be based at Brigitte's Studio or in Santa Fe. We will mostly work outdoors and then come indoors for discussions, review and demonstrations.
We will work with watercolor oil or pastel. Materials and equipment must be furnished by the participants. (Easels canvas supports paints thinner etc) With each group we work in one media to stay focused.
Overnight stays for the weekend seminars can be arranged by the participants either in Santa Fe, Las Vegas, or Pecos.
For more information contact Brigitte Bruggemann by e-mail brigittebruggemann (at)

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