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Color, Composition and Abstraction.

Brigitte helps you unlock your creativity and self-expression through color and form. This unfolding can happen when we get in touch with our emotions as well as being in tune with our environment and our response to it. Truly seeing and hearing what is around us and translate our experience into color and form; letting it run through the filter of the "inner landscape' is an important part of art making.This teaching is very much focused on each individual student.


with the student brings out each individual's voice without contraints. to help us see what is in front of us and abstract that image into an emotional response of that experience we begin to see the essence, larger forms and shapes, rather than detail. The process is accomplished with excercises in observation, journaling, demonstrations and of exhchanging of ideas and thoughts.

Limone Watercolor

see more watercolors from my visit in San Angelo

The wonderful history and artistic tradition going back for thousands of years will inspire and enrich our experience.

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   Roman artifacts


Roman mosaic in Pompeii


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