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I have a thought for 2010:a workshop in Murnau Bavaria, where the Blue Rider Group - Kandinsky, Muenter, Jawlensky, Franz Marc and others in the group worked and lived and worked from1910 to 1914 !! The village itself has changed some since, but the vistas they painted the "Russian haus" the church steeple visible from the house, the village houses leaning into the street, are still there.
I would like to visit the museums in Munic first to see the paintings (many are shown at the Lehnbach haus) and then find a small hotel in Murnau or near to paint and visit the places those famous artists have been inspired by. The landscape is spectacular I can assure you and even if we will not paint like them we will be enriched by the experience. This is a thought please let me know if you are interested in this proposal. It could happen in May or later that year also.


July 9th 2009

about content and meaning in your work!

in my studio near Santa Fe

I asked myself and I have been asked these question many times:

  • How do I bring meaning and content to my work?

  • How to go from the personal to the universal?

  • How do I know what is making a good image?

These are questions we face every time we feel the inner necessity to express something coming from a experience that has left a footprint deep inside our consciousness. or some restlessness we feel but cannot find a source for.

In this time of crisis, personal, financial and global. a tremendous shift is happening: we are all looking for a deeper meaning to our lives. A sense of loss can lead to feeling lost. This is actually a good place to be: It is a door wide open. Let us together explore this place in time!

a mini workshop helped us find some answers

the workshop was very sucessful and fun here are some pictures:

workshop 2009

Santa Fe: a 40 minute easy driving from my studio offering cultural diversity, the famous Santa Fe Opera, galleries restaurants and sightseeing . (


Cardinal Greeting



view from my house


holy hock


everyone emjoyed the great views and my garden with you!


church in the Pecos valley

Pecos Valley


Church of San Ysidro near my house

Previous seminars:  

 Watercolor Seminar in Italy!

 September 16th-22th 2006


I took a small group to San Angelo, a small picturesque fishing village on the lovely island of Ischia / Italy in the bay of Naples north of Capri.


clock tower

We first met in Naples to have an opportunity to visit the archeological Museum in Naples, holding many treasures from Pompeii and other sites. 








Participants wrote about the seminar: 

"....I much I enjoyed our classes and time together.  I felt like I learned so much about art from you – I mean the deep stuff deep down inside...
I think the “island” was the most relaxing, enjoyable and peaceful time of our trip.

(Pat, Ischia 2006")

Sharon and Pat



"This opened my eyes--expanded  my views. I learned new ways to use color and the other design elements to express my creativity in fabulous locations. We shared an art adventure with students of like mind and a professional artist and educator".

     read more about seminar about the teaching, individual lessons or small groups in Santa Fe. read more about teaching

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On the Terracewatercolor



roman column

Paestum was on my agenda and it was most rewarding  to see the great Greek temple and the museum, holding many wonderful artefacts from Antiquity

Tomb of the Diver in Paestum

"Tomb of the  Diver" 

Paestum south of Naples


Casa Sofia

The group stayed at the Pensione Casa Sofia overlooking  Maronti Bay, one of the nicest sandy beaches and the picturesque port of San Angelo. The romantic fishing village in the southernmost part of the island with winding roads and colorful houses is the only place on the island closed to car traffic therefore providing a restful quiet place to explore, enjoy the village and it's people, the views, have a cappuccino or gelato (ice cream)  in an outdoor cafè, visit a thermal hot spring for the afternoon or stroll on the beach.  We had wonderful subjects to paint right in front of us, sitting on the terrace of Casa Sofia.

Sant Angelo






The hotel was very comfortable and inspiring. Many artists have stayed there before us we enjoyed seeing the paintings that have been done there in the past by well known