organic lyrical abstraction - watercolors

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New Watercolors on aquaboard from : In the Light of Provence 2017

in the light of provence 1   in the light of provence 2  in the light of provence 3

in the light of provence 4  in the light of provence 5  in the light of provence 6

in the light of provence 6  in the light of provence 8


"Out Beyond There is a Field I Meet You There"


A line from a Rumi Poem and the meadows by the river inspired this series

of 9 watercolors on aquaboard/cradle 8x8" on 2"cradle

varnished no need for glass or frame sold as installation of 9

to see the poems with each painting click on each painting

out beyond 1out beyond 2Out beyond 3

out beyond 4out beyond 5out beyond 6

out beyond 7out Beyond 8out beyon 9


these watercolors deom tuscany images are 8X8" on aqua board framed in a 10X10" black shadow box frame $560

yellow Afternoonveil





watercolors on paper each image about 5 x 7"
engel liederbirds by the seaFalling Leaves  
winter sunFall AbstractionLate snow  
reflections of lightfor My Eyes to SeeFall  
OrchardMorning RoseSpring  
House on the Hill watercolorWalk on the BeachLotus
Some images somewhat more suggestive of "reality "
bebenhausenLittle Town with Monastery in Germanyalhambra  


tulipstulips 1Time for Red  
JourneyCardinal GreetingsDreamin g of Home  

  New Mexico living by the river Pecos a special privilege and inspiration


Bird by the Watersouth of Santa Feghost Ranch

Berry PatchOver the fieldsshadow in Water  


Amalfi coastOutside my window watercoloron my way to san Marco  

City in WaterSan Angelo 2005 Angelo Watercolor

SaluteCampo dela PescariaSan Giorgio


el CarnevaleBllue FaunSan Michele  

and now here are the watercolors on aquaboard from tuscany 2016, I am very pleased with, very abstract,

expressing my feelings in the landscape, the light and the energy. the images are 8x8"

some are framed in a black 10x10" shadowbox frame under glass ( sell for $560)


Yellow afternoonVeil aqubAngelwing aqb  
Morninglight aqbpurplenight aqbrose day  
forest aqbRed aqbwalkinwoods aqb  


StopstopBemo Story  
hot afternoon cat-goose Indian Impressions  


Greeting cards 10 in each box @ $35 plus shipping

    set of 10 Greeting cards of watercolors
   (please request selection of images and contact me ). Each card is 7,5" x 5,5 " with original signature with envelope
    This makes a nice gift to yourself or a friend, the images can also be framed.
    $35.00 for one box incl shipping
    email or call (575) 421- 3236



Floral 1

Floral 2

                         Floral 2


                                           Floral 3

ghost Ranch

                                            Ghost Ranch




                          Trees and flower


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