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It is only February but I am, anticiptating the light of Spring the rebirth of life and growth in nature

here are two new paintings:

BE Light First violets


Two recent canvases 36x36" using the very potent and briliance of the pigments Quinacridone Violet and Alizarine Yellow

both very difficult to balance out with other pigments but here we are:

"Body and Soul" and on the right "Falling Light" .

What often happens in my painting lots of light comes into the image. To be light and paint light is my mission......


Body and Soul Falling Light



Spring Meadow

"Spring Meadow" 42x60"



"Etude" 36x36"




4 canvases are acrylics 40x40"

"Four Seasons" (Quattro Stagione) starting here with

"Summer" hot, dense and filled with light

"Autumn" still dense but cooler colors with darkness coming in every day a little bit more bringing veiled imagery with it.

"Printemps" or Springtime a joyful space filled with soft colors, a dance of new life.

"Hiver" Winter a more quiet space, white light and crisp blues floating

these will be available in my studio after my return early October.


FOURSEASON-ETEFour seasons Autumn  


Four seasons PrintempsFour seasons Hiver


Constant conversationFall Meadow

"Constant Conversation"  54x44"   $5600                                                                                                   "Alpine Meadow in Fall" 48x48" $5500



       Sweet May #1sweet may 3

      sweet may2Sweet May 4

"Sweet May" a grid of four paintings  30x30" each panel sold




Unfolding IFierce Grace

        Undolding I                                                                                                                   Fierce Grace 50x42" $5800

      Deva                         Violet

             "Deva" 41x41"  $4300                                                                                                                                                            "Violet" 9x11"   NA            





Speak to me softly                      

"Speak to Me Softly" 41 x 41"  $4300                                                                                                        


Timeless 1Timeless 2

Timeless I and II 12x12" $1200 for the diptych



"April" 41x41    sold                                                                                                                             


Water and sky

  "Water nd Sky" 48x42" $5300

Fall # 10  Fall # 9 Fall #10,6.9.

   a series of small oils 8x8" to be displayed in a group or individual $550 each

fall5Fall7fall8Fall # 5,7,8


         albumtop1      albummiddlerow      Album3        album 4                        

Album pages

4 paintings 14"x14" as a series on reflection of light on water. $1800 for the group of 4



Nympheas in Winter 50x44"       $5800                                                                                              

wildflowerschrysanthemumforestial 4    

A sampling of my encaustic paintings for more go to the encaustic page click here



Back to oils from here:


  Wind's Calligraphy

"Winds Caligraphy"47x42" $5100


    Crow's Message diptychCrow's Message right

"Crows Message" diptych 34"h x 22"


Unfolding IIFor your Eyes to see

"Unfolding I"  42x47"   $5300                                                                                                                                      "For Your eyes To See" 41x47"





for St. Miguelthe Gift

"For San Miguel" 32x32"                                                                                                        "the Gift" diptych 10x20"



house of the Bluebird

"The House of the Bluebird" 14x14"




Persephone            Iris

                    Persephone        48x44" $5300                                                                                  Iris 50"x44" $5300




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