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Artist Statement

When I look at nature, I see paint and color.
Pierre Bonnard said: "The relationship between painting and life is not a matter of painting life, but a matter of giving life to a painting."

My work is inspired by nature and my connection to a spiritual reality manifesting itself through forces in nature and life. In my experience the inner landscape mirrors the outer landscape. I try to make visible the invisible through color and lyrical abstractions. Symbolic abstraction develops over time for me as my own personal visual language and proves itself many times archetypal, often to my own surprise. My pieces usually have a source in my life conscious or unconscious as it may be.

An immediate connection to life experiences is especially apparent in my pastel drawings. The images are fresh, sometimes poetic, looking at situations with humor. My paintings have been inspired by my garden and the landscape of New Mexico: a place of light and color. The river is rushing by, always new, and the hummingbirds are doing their dance of delight in life. The garden is enclosed and intimate; it reveals full circle the course of life within one year's seasons. It is a place of tranquility and beauty but also one of natural loss and death.

Seasons manifest different colors and textures which lead me often to a change in technique translating my experience into different rhythms on the canvas, like the Divas or nature spirits that seem to appear in the corner of my eye as I walk through my garden.

In the process of painting I walk a fine line between control, intuition and spontaneity. A fine garden, a fine painting and I think life looses their magic for me if there is no wildness and unpredictability.

My grandfather was a painter at the turn of the century in Germany. He painted the beautiful roses from my grandmothers garden, my paradise as a child, found again here and now in New Mexico. I surrender to the flow, like the river running behind my house near Pecos, New Mexico.

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Album page nine 14x14


Brigitte Bruggemann

Feel Your wings oil 18x18

album Page oil 14x14



Douglas Fairfield PhD Curator of the Albuquerque Museum of Art
nn's work is highly personal, yet it evokes a universal familiarity. Her pieces are visual comfort zones, places that we have all encountered at one time or another however briefly, and subconsciously we experience a better place....." read more


I believe in the power of art to change my life one moment at the time.

When I was about 9 years old. I saw Grünewald's famous Isenheim Altar "The work of Grünewald expresses the torment of the early sixteenth century more fully than that of any other artist". He created this expressive masterpiece in 1515. When I saw this painting, especially the Crucifixion and the Ascension I was so moved by the power of art on an emotional level I knew that, what I wanted most in life is to be able to reach people that way either through dance or painting. I chose painting and believe now, after many years, that my role as a painter is to reach for the healing energy to come into the painting through color vibrations and light - paint light.



brigitte in her garden

In the process of painting I am allowing higher light frequencies to come into the painting (through color). I can feel my own state of being changing into one of peace and joy. Color works on our psyche like music: the vibrations of color reach our unconscious and can change our moods dramatically

I do have to say that some times the process of making a painting can be like Jacob's struggle with the Angel too. Only when I manage to get out of the way and send my ego out the door, something can happens that is very mysterious. Amazing Grace happens when I am just about to give up at times.

I also know that this energy is tangible within each painting and can do it's work anywhere the painting is appreciated. It is really very simple: When we decide to bring in positive energy through our actions and by surrounding ourselves with light, things can change in wonderful ways: a lightness of being happens. The dichotomy of light and dark is a reality, nothing can change that, but we can reach for the light.

My desire is to be light and paint light.

Many of my collectors have appreciated the joy, the positive energy and vibrations in my paintings and are loyal to me and my work over many years for that reason. It brings joy into their lives on a daily basis. How important is that?

I am sharing some of my clients comments with you here.


Testimonials and links

Brigitte Brüggemann -- New Mexico Artist

Kathleen Ryan pianist and composer:
A great blessing in my life is that I am now able to have oil paintings by Brigitte gazing down on me as I compose and play my music. Brigitte sees her colors in harmony; I hear my music in color. And, like me, she's not afraid of beauty! Let's hear it for beauty in art!
Kathleen Ryan pianist / composer


excerpt from a letter from a client:

"Cottonwoods" has filled our home and our hearts with its beauty and spirituality.  We enjoyed the magazine article, and we were touched that you would include such a profound excerpt from your journal.  It meant a great deal, especially to me.  I now understand my immense and immediate attraction to the piece. 
I have been struggling for several years with a chronic condition that has refused to yield to materia medica.  I too, have been journaling in an attempt to learn more about the mind/body connection and my connection to the universe.  Much of what you expressed resonated with me.  Since the day I first saw the painting and met you, this stubborn (supposedly incurable) condition has yielded, simply fading away. 
In some readings, today, I considered the idea that the universe (God) waits patiently to express.  When we are ready, that expression comes through us.  An open heart, an open mind, an open soul has allowed you to bring exquisite beauty (and healing) to the world through your art. 
Articles may describe your technique, motivation, and the like, but one truly needs to feel the joy and spirit that flows freely from the canvas.
With great affection,


a letter from a student:

Wow, I am so happy to see your work on the web. Thank god for the web. I have often wondered what happened to you after you left Highlands University. I always wanted to tell you thank you so much for giving me the guidance and PUSH that I needed to paint. I love your colors and find myself demonstrating and saying almost the same things you have told me. I am currently an Art Therapist, working as an Assistant Director in an out patient facility with Adults who have been diagnosed with Serious Mental Illnesses. I sometimes get the pleasure of teaching them painting and drawing. I just want to say Thank you, thank you, Thank you! You were so wonderful to me and a wonderful teacher. Your work is very moving J


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