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New Work

Verdant Spring


   "In The Light of Provence"  

watercolors from my time spend in Provence 2017 reflecting the light, the live joy and beauty of this

beautiful part of the world.

                                                              "Joy de Vivre"

My experience in France manifested in these little paintings, the richness of life, light and color,

diverse forests and fields, balm for the heart and soul. The imagery not anything specific, not postcards,

but the abstract, the essence of my experience: rather than showing a recognizable image

I am showing my emotional response to what I see and experience

Each image is 8x8" on aquaboard and sells for $520 in a 10x10" black shadowbox frame. 

They work wonderfully as a group. ( For multiple sales call or e-mail me for special price).  

in the light of Provence 1in the light of Provence 2

in the light of Provence 3in the light of Provence 4

in the light of Provence 5in the light of Provence 6

in the light of Provence 7in the light of Provence 8



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           Joseph Bottone poet



book wreathing round the dancing river   

 the little book 6x8" softcover 26 pages is a colaboration - paintings and poetry


The River of Dreams, the Pecos River where we live flows through our lives with a constant reliable voice.

Sometimes we sit by the river and listen, other times we come with our joys and wows.

Then it is the river's turn to listen, our best teacher. Always new, always flowing with intention,

it's waters bear no scars, no anxiety, no worry about tomorrow.
There are deep pools in summer to emerse ourselves in the silken warmth of its flow,

and drift downstream. Sometimes the blue herons will fly low or geese,ducks, the Peregrin falcon and the eagle.

What the poet heard is what he wrote :
"Wreathing Round The Dancing River" written in the month of May.

What the painter sees:
dancing light reflected on water, leaves floating in the eddies, grasses rustling in the wind on it's banks,

nature spirits holding the space, green and alive
manifested in paint and color, making visible also the invisible

to the river

below and excerpt (first poem of 10) each poem is coupled with one painting.(26 pages)

Each book is signed by Brigitte and Joseph, available for $25





       Suddenly the spell of poetry was on me                    

       I had come humbly to the river

       things where going too fast, nothing

       on impulse was working for me

               so I gave myself to the river

       and we made a bond


fishing for dreams     


brigitte brüggemann studio

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Ilfeld, NM 87538

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