Brigitte Brüggemann paintings in oil watercolors and pastels organic lyrical abstract in brillant color



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New Work

  In The Light of Provence  

watercolors from my time spend in Provence reflecting the light, the live joy and beauty of this

beautiful part of the world.

                                                              "Joy de Vivre"

My experience in France manifested in these little paintings, the richness of life, light and color,

diverse forests and fields, balm for the heart and soul. The imagery not anything specific, not postcards,

but the abstract, the essence of my experience: rather than showing a recognizable image

I am showing my emotional response to what I see and experience

Each image is 8x8" on aquaboard and sells for $400 unframed.   

in the Light of Provence 1in the light of Provence #2

in the Light of Provence 3 in the light of Provence #4

in the Light of Provence 5in the light of Provence #6

in the light of Provence #7in the Light of Provence 8




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